In this video I show my favourite compact rig for my A7s and GH4, a C100 / C300 style of setup with a top handle and professional audio.

I didn't come up with this rig all at once but created it step-by-step, in this video I also show each setup that eventually led to this one, maybe there is something in it that you find useful.

Here is a list of all the parts that I use and where you can buy them:

Product USA / Rest of the World NL / Rest of Europe
Wooden Camera NATO Rail 70mm * Adorama Cameranu
Wooden Camera NATO Rail 100mm * Adorama Cameranu
Wooden Camera NATO Rail 150mm * Adorama Cameranu
Zacuto Z-Rail Zotshoe * Adorama  
Wooden Camera NATO Handle Plus Adorama Cameranu
JuicedLink PreAmp (RM222 or RM333) Adorama  
Rycote InVision Video Hot Shoe Shock Mount Adorama Cameranu **
Rode NTG2 Shotgun Mic *** Adorama Cameranu
Rode NTG3 Shotgun Mic *** Adorama Cameranu
Rode NTG4 Shotgun Mic *** Adorama Cameranu
2 Wooden Camera Easy Plates Adorama Cameranu
15mm Bolt on rod from Wooden Camera Adorama Cameranu
Zacuto Z-Rail Slide Adorama  
Short XLR cable   Cameranu

* You only need one of these parts, it's up to your preference and needs which one it will be
** At Cameranu they have a slightly different version, but it has what is needed
*** I have listed some Rode Microphones but ofcourse any shotgun mic will do

Many thanks to Caleb Pike from DSLR Video Shooter for showing me how he attached his JuicedLink to the Wooden Camera NATO Handle Plus in his video about creating a Mini C100.

I hope this video will also give you some ideas about how to create your favourite setup. Good luck with that, and if you have any questions or comments you can use Disqus below this article.

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